Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New WorkShops! Starting Jan 24th 2012

Investigate Your Identity. Jan 24-Mar 13

In this program the primary focus will be content. You will set out with the objective of telling a story visually. Your completed oil painting will give viewers an insight into its creator. You will begin by creating a personal diorama using items that are meaningful to you. We will explore various aspects of the diorama using selective cropping and preliminary sketches and or digital photography. The successful selection will form the basis of the oil painting. This piece will have interesting relationships between perspective, scale and depth, and a strong sense of narrative.

Where: 1250 Judith Lane, Arroyo Grande
When: Each Tuesdays 9-11.30am
Cost: $400 per session (8 weeks), $100 discount for all three sessions

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