Monday, July 28, 2008

Holonic Art Show at CorkStop Studios

On Saturday September 27th, we get to see the first show from the Holonic Art Movement. The Holonic Art Movement was created with the vision of bringing artists together by creating collaborative work either in the form of a shared canvas that travels from artist to artist, or by giving a number of panels or canvas's to artists around the world with a single unifying concept in mind - then reeling them in, after many months and mounting and hanging them as one piece. The movement was founded by Pacha and you can go to the web site to find out more.

"The idea of bringing artists together was the first and only mission I had when I started the Holonic Art Movement in the beginning of 2006. But soon after, the goal of creating an art community I could interact with was joined by the much bigger and more important vision of making this world a better place by helping people in need, one painting at a time." Pacha - founder.

The proceeds of the first show will be donated to SONRISA Colombia, a private organization that helps homeless children in Colombia. I’ve visited Colombia twice (in 2000 and 2005) and somehow I feel deeply connected to that country. Sonrisa is run by only a few dedicated people. The donated money will help the children directly: clothing, shoes, food, school books and uniforms, school fees. Because it is such a small organization, the money isn’t “wasted” on bureaucracy. Money goes a long way in Colombia ($100 take care of one child for one year, including meals, uniforms and school fees), so it is a perfect selection for the first donation.

Check back with the CorkStop website for details as we get closer to the date!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Cuvee Art 'Open to This Moment' by Xenia Madison

The 2008 Central Coast Wine Classic Artist Cuvee etched Salmanazar bottles are complete!

Thank you, Candice Norcross (celebrity wine bottle artist) for capturing the abstract painting 'Open to This Moment' by Xenia Madison "in glass" so beautifully. *note: I'll post more pictures from Sat July 12 event! Hope to meet all who are attending. Please come and say "hi"- I'll be with the artist table or group.

Cuvee details:


Windward Vineyard



Paso Robles

Pinot Noir

Vintners, Marc Goldberg & Maggie D'Ambrosia





Paso Robles

Pinot Noir

Vintners, Gary & Marian Conway

Winemaker, Greg Cropper

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

CorkStop artist wins Merit Award on Abstract Exposure

Xenia Madison of Corkstop Studios wins Abstract EXPOsure's Merit Award!
Link to July 2008 Exhibition online:

About Abstract EXPOsure:
Abstract EXPOsure celebrates the vibrations of the soul through a unique platform committed to actively promoting abstract artists and their work. Knowing that there are many artists who engage the abstract voice, Abstract EXPOsure aims to use the current technology and accessibility of the World Wide Web to breath life into the abstract genre. Abstract EXPOsure was created in direct response to the lack of an exclusive abstract venue and functions as an online international gallery-without-walls.

Abstract art is a lively, progressive style that deserves its own exhibition space. Historically, abstract art has flowed out times of crisis, tragedy or social and political unrest. Current difficulties in our world are being addressed by artists around the globe. Abstract EXPOsure provides a place to expose these feelings about society and also gives voice to the personal life experience of the artists themselves.