Saturday, March 27, 2010

Technique, form and content

I visited the Henry Moore retrospective at the Tate Britain today and have to say I was very disappointed. The curator seemed to have overlooked a most critical factor, that of the three dimensions. I became irritated as I tried to move around the pieces pinning myself against the wall to get a glimpse of what I suspect the curator assumed was the back and therefore was of little importance. Smaller pieces were fitted into glass boxes which shouted "hands off thieves". It was of course jammed with people as well as it was a rainy Saturday in London today which made it even more unpleasant. I was more inspired by his drawings which showed his gradual path to forms that need space. Need I say more . . . .
Years ago I had seen a superb show at Yale of Moore's work, carefully placed, neither encapsulated in boxes or pushed against the wall and of course perhaps the best way to see his work was how Henry had intended out in the open field with sheep running around. Try the Yorkshire Sculpture Gardens.

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